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Sur - International Journal on Human Rights is a biannual journal published in English, Portuguese and Spanish by Conectas Human Rights.


David Petrasek

New Powers, New Approaches? Human Rights Diplomacy in the 21st Century
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Adriana Erthal Abdenur and Danilo Marcondes de Souza Neto


Brazil’s Development Cooperation with Africa:What Role for Democracy and Human Rights
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Carlos Cerda Dueñas

Incorporating International Human Rights Standards in the Wake of the 2011 Reform of the Mexican Constitution: Progress and Limitations
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Elisa Mara Coimbra

Inter-American System of Human Rights: Challenges to Compliance with the Court’s Decisions in Brazil
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Conor Foley


The Evolving Legitimacy of Humanitarian Interventions
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Deisy Ventura


Public Health and Brazilian Foreign Policy
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Camila Lissa Asano

Foreign Policy and Human Rights in Emerging Countries: Insights Based on the Work of an Organization from the Global South
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Interview with Maja Daruwala (CHRI) and Susan Wilding (CIVICUS)

Emerging Democracies’ Foreign Policy: What Place for Human Rights? A Look at India and South Africa
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David Kinley

Finding Freedom in China: Human Rights in the Political Economy
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Laura Betancur Restrepo

The Promotion and Protection of Human Rights through Legal Clinics and their Relationships with Social Movements: Achievements and Challenges in the Case of Conscientious Objection to Compulsory Military Service in Colombia
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Alexandra Lopes da Costa

Modern-Day Inquisition: A Report on Criminal Persecution,Exposure of Intimacy and Violation of Rights in Brazil
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Ana Cristina González Vélez and Viviana Bohórquez Monsalve

Case Study on Colombia: Judicial Standards on Abortion to Advance the Agenda of the Cairo Programme of Action
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The Bernard and Audre Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice, through its Editorial Board, contributes to the publication of the Sur journal by assisting with the editing of the
English translation of non-English articles